KeySource Thomas Thor Advantage

KeySource Thomas Thor Advantage in Executive Recruiting

We have obtained a competitive advantage by radically changing the way retained executive search services are delivered to the client.  Our Performance-Based Search model is unique in the industry and it eliminates up-front fees adopting, instead, a pay-for-performance approach to contracting.   We apply disciplined project management practices committing to a not-to-exceed search budget and a fixed placement fee.  By doing so we share the risk with the client and are able to accelerate the search through close engagement with client decision-makers.

KeySource Thomas Thor Advantage Includes:

  • Highly customized and cost-effective fee models
  • Disciplined project management
  • Performance-based payment schedules
  • Worldwide reach and relationships
  • Focus and transparency in project definition and position details
  • Market-based communications emphasizing value proposition to both client and candidate
  • Rapid candidate identification, qualification and referral
  • Highly-qualified and experienced team in nuclear, energy and defense markets


Customized Fee Models

Highly Customized Fee Models

Performance-based executive recruiting is our competitive advantage. KeySource Thomas Thor understands a company’s growth is largely fueled by the quality of its people.  To help our clients succeed in attracting and securing top talent, KeySource Thomas Thor offers a full suite of executive search and recruiting services using a performance-based fee schedule instead of the traditional lump-sum payment models.

Performance-Based Fees

Performance-Based Recruiting

Performance-Based Recruiting is a contracting profile unique to KeySource Thomas Thor. This model eliminates huge up-front payments and provides clients with the opportunity to save money through disciplined project management and close project integration. KeySource Thomas Thor provides a search budget cap (not-to-exceed) and all savings generated by completing the search under budget will accrue to the client. With a fixed success fee tied to candidate first-year compensation, the overall cost of the search is capped but the potential for client savings is real. No other retained executive recruiting firm in the industry has a contracting model that makes provision for cost savings to the client.

Fill Times

Shorter Fill Times

Utilizing our team’s many years experience in nuclear, energy and defense markets, our knowledge is leveraged to more quickly identify target candidates. With a “high-touch” approach to candidate development, we seek to have personal contacts with prospective candidates at every stage of the project. This increases our knowledge of the candidate and it also increases candidate awareness about the opportunity. With more highly qualified candidates, clients have clear selection options and higher acceptance rates. Frequent engagement produces both higher quality candidates as well as shorter fill times.

Cost Savings

More Cost Savings

KeySource Thomas Thor operates on a Performance-Based Recruiting model with provisions for a cost cap (not-to-exceed) client investment. We have also provided for all cost savings to accrue to the client and not to KeySource Thomas Thor. Further, this model shares the risk and KeySource Thomas Thor only earns the placement fee once the candidate has accepted the offer. Therefore, both the client and KeySource Thomas Thor are motivated to produce the highest quality candidates in the earliest possible time-frame. Early placement and shorter fill times produce cost savings to the client.

Industry Knowledge

Vast Industry Knowledge

Members of the KeySource Thomas Thor team have all worked and served the nuclear, energy and defense markets for many years. Our knowledge of the market dynamics and trends, as well as personal relationships across these industries, give us a discriminating competitive advantage. Not only do we know the companies and have access to all levels of executive decision-makers, we have intimate knowledge of project, program and plant performance histories enabling us to prioritize which leaders will bring the best experience record to bear on a critical search.