Explore Career Opportunities

If the idea of advancing your career appeals to you, please take a moment to look through our open positions.  In addition to our active searches, we and our clients are always seeking talented leaders.  Please submit your resume if you’d like to be considered for upcoming opportunities.


KeySource Thomas Thor has total respect for the personal sensitivities that surround exploring new career alternatives.  We are also aware that these concerns are magnified when candidates are already serving in roles of responsibility in the industry.  At all times, we work carefully to protect your identity until such time as you agree to permit us to submit your qualifications to the client for consideration.

Aligning Experience to Requirements

Throughout the process of our interaction with candidates we will explore the depth of relevant professional experience and credentials to ensure that a complete and comprehensive summary is submitted to the client for consideration.  Many professionals have substantially more experience than can be adequately summarized in a few resume pages.  We will work with each prospect to tailor the candidate qualifications to the needs of the client.  Likewise, where gaps in credentials may exist, we will be careful to represent only the actual qualifications to protect the integrity of our process.

Considering An Opportunity

With the demand for top talent always evident in the marketplace, we encourage prospective candidates to only give serious consideration to new opportunities that represent positions they could possibly accept.  If an opportunity is not a good fit, we ought to conclude as such early in the process.  The credibility of both the candidate and KeySource Thomas Thor are at risk when we do not practice candor and clarity in our evaluation of an opportunity.  Therefore, we pledge to deal factually and forthrightly with candidates and we ask the same of you.

Sharing Information & Seeking Clarity

KeySource Thomas Thor will share all the information provided by our clients for current opportunities.  We will collect inquiries from prospective candidates to seek additional information from the client as we move through the process.  As new information becomes available, we will share it with each prospective candidate.  We provide coaching and assistance to each candidate preparing for interviews – helping to emphasize topics most relevant to the qualification and selection process.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…Luke 16:10