External Press Release – Friday 31st August 2018

Keith Wing will transition from the role of President and CEO of KeySource Thomas Thor, the global executive search division of Thomas Thor Associates, on August 31st 2018. He will continue to serve in the leadership team of the business, and as a Member of the Board. Keith will continue as President and CEO of […]

‘’Taming the Sun’’ – 5 take-aways for the nuclear industry from a book about solar power

It is always interesting to hear perspectives on the nuclear industry from experts in renewable energy, especially when they make objective arguments in favour of nuclear energy being a significant part of the global energy mix. ‘’Taming the Sun: innovations to harness solar energy and power the planet’’ is a book published in 2018 by […]

7 Reasons for considering a career move to the Nuclear Industry in Canada

The current and long-term outlook for career opportunities in the Canadian Nuclear Industry is looking very good indeed. As Chairman of KeySource Thomas Thor, a global recruiting and HR consulting firm that has been working in Canada for many years, I would like to share some of the reasons behind this statement. Whether you are […]

Nuclear – The Benchmark for Discipline and Rigor

I have been in the nuclear industry now for more than 38 years.  Of all the things this industry has taught me is that our nuclear industry is the worlds benchmark for discipline and rigor. To some, discipline and rigor may imply stubborn or inflexible, but those in our industry know that simply is not […]

Callum Thomas, CEO, Speaks about Human Resources in the Nuclear Industry

  Callum Thomas, CEO, Thomas Thor Associates, speaks with the World Nuclear Association about the current landscape of human resources in the nuclear industry.

The Power Industry – new hot job market or an industry unprepared to compete for a new generation of skilled workers?

America’s power and utilities organizations are facing a rapidly evolving workforce.  About 40 percent of the workforce at America’s electric and natural gas utilities will be eligible for retirement in the next five years with about 20 percent currently eligible.  There are ways to capture the knowledge lost as seasoned workers leave as well as […]

Can Recruiters Really Help?

What does all of this mean for the many utility companies searching for top talent at a time when the talent pool is rapidly shrinking?  Excellent talent is both harder and more time consuming to locate and an Executive Recruiting Firm that knows both the Utility Industry and the Nuclear Power Sector offers the  best […]