News Release

January 3, 2017

HUDSON, Ohio – Thomas Thor Associates, B.V. and KeySource HCI, LLC announce that as of

January 1, 2017 they are merging their nuclear industry business interests in the Americas and

forming a new company called KeySource Thomas Thor, LLC. KeySource Thomas Thor will be

focused on providing executive recruiting and professional services to the entire life-cycle of

nuclear providers in North and South America and will be headquartered in Hudson, OH, USA.


KeySource Thomas Thor combines the retained executive search capabilities of KeySource HCI

and the executive recruiting and professional contracting services of Thomas Thor Associates to

create a worldwide network of talent delivery capabilities – a true global reach around the

worldwide nuclear industry. KeySource Thomas Thor will focus on the Americas, but will have

access to the global network of Thomas Thor Associates with operations in Europe and the

Middle East.


Keith M. Wing, founder and Principal of the KeySource companies, will serve as President and

Chief Executive Officer, reporting to Callum Thomas who will serve as Chairman of the Board.

Wing explained: “this is essentially a merger of two highly competent nuclear industry services

companies with complimentary skills focused on North and South America. I am excited for

KeySource to join with one of the fastest growing nuclear services companies in the world,

Thomas Thor, to now have a truly global reach in the nuclear industry.”


Callum Thomas, founder and Principal of Thomas Thor Associates remarked, saying: “We have

highly complimentary capabilities and we share the same values as KeySource HCI. Our firms

have served companies in nuclear technology, engineering and construction, operations,

decommissioning and environmental clean-up sectors of the nuclear industry and we now have

the capability to serve the demands of nuclear energy and technology worldwide. More and

more companies are expanding into nuclear initiatives around the globe and we are pleased to

be a trusted partner in talent delivery for our clients.”


Both firms have been serving the national and international interests of their clients by helping

attract top talent, senior executives, management personnel and professional technical experts

across the full spectrum of organizational needs. Wing commented: “After 37 years in the

nuclear industry, I am very pleased to lead this new, combined range of capabilities. Having a

jointly-owned entity increases our range of services, our responsiveness to critical needs and our

ability to deliver talent and personnel to every level and location of the nuclear enterprise. We

can serve every aspect of the commercial sector as well as the government sector.”


KeySource Thomas Thor will maintain affiliate relationships with their parent companies, Thomas

Thor Associates, B.V. (Amsterdam) and KeySource, Inc., (Hudson, OH). These affiliates offer

additional capabilities in business growth consulting, organizational development, subject-matter

experts, and other interim and long-term contracting options.


For additional information, contact Keith M. Wing, President & CEO, at 330-342- 5433.


Additional Background Information

Thomas Thor Associates, B.V. was formed in 2009 as a consulting and recruitment organization

providing services to the global nuclear sector. Clients include national nuclear regulators,

operators, reactor vendors, engineering companies and research organizations across the

international nuclear sector. Thomas Thor has offices in Europe and the Middle East.


KeySource HCI, LLC has been a part of the KeySource, Inc. family of companies since 2004 and

specializes in retained executive search services, primarily in commercial and federal nuclear

industry sectors. KeySource, Inc., founded in 2001, serves the nuclear and defence industries

with business growth consulting services and contracted professional support services.


Thomas Thor Associates, B.V. and KeySource, Inc. will collaborate as partner companies and

both with equity interest in the merged entity KeySource Thomas Thor, LLC. Thomas Thor

Associates, will serve as the majority owner. The combination of these two nuclear services

firms provides a global talent delivery capability that is unequalled in reach and capacity.