Eleanor Hughes

Business Specialist

"The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better."
– Gloria Macapagel Arroyo

Office Phone:  330-342-0255

Email: ehughes@keythomasthor.com

Eleanor Hughes, Business Specialist, provides integral support for administrative, accounting and recruiting needs that ensure KeySource Thomas Thor’s operations are running efficiently and effectively.  As an articulate communicator with a broad knowledge base, Eleanor manages internal processes, procedures and policies and provides recommendations for improvement.  With a dedication to integrity and consistency, she maintains financial reports, and employee record of hours, as well as travel and security authorization documents across the KeySource family of companies.

Financial Business Services

Eleanor’s familiarity with all accounting procedures allows her the ability to effectively manage daily financial transactions end-to-end including invoicing, and ensuring timely collection of payments. Her excellent analytical skills, ability to accurately process numerical data, along with her ability to create and present detailed reports, provides accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire accounts receivable process.  Eleanor is also responsible for accounts payable, expense reports, and year-end financials.

Mobilization of Contractors

KeySource Thomas Thor places personnel in short and long-term assignments for projects at every stage of the organizational life-cycle.  Eleanor works closely with our clients and their candidates to provide seamless mobilization of top talent where it is needed most.  A customized approach to both domestic and international assignment management services assures both candidates and clients of the best experience available.

Prior to KeySource Thomas Thor

Prior to joining KeySource Thomas Thor, Eleanor worked in the accounting department in the fulfillment industry servicing financial institutions in Chicago.  She was responsible fro accounts receivables of over one million dollars annually.  This invoicing incolved great attention to detail, pulling information from various databases and reports to ensure accuracy and timely receivables.

Eleanor began her career after graduating with a degree in Legal Secretarial Science working for a large litigation law firm on Long Island, NY.  After several years in the legal industry, she join a corporate real estate firm in New York City with headquarters in Japan.  Following time off to start a family, Eleanor returned to the legal industry, employed by the City Attorney for a small town in Connecticut.