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Program Manager & President/CEO

HII Nuclear/N3B, LLCC
Reports to
Michael Lempke, President HII Nuclear

Position Background

Established in 1989, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM) is charged with addressing the environmental legacy of over 50 years of nuclear weapons production and government-sponsored research. Since its inception in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)’s primary mission has been nuclear weapons research and development. Other DOE missions have included high explosives research, development, fabrication, and testing; chemical and material science research; electrical research and development; laser design and development; and photographic processing.

Waste management activities at LANL resulted in the release of hazardous wastes, hazardous waste constituents, mixed waste, radiological and transuranic (TRU) wastes, groundwater contaminants, toxic pollutants, and Explosive Compounds into the soils, sediments, and groundwater. Mixed low-level waste (MLLW) and TRU waste generated prior to 1999 and recognized as legacy waste, have been staged to prepare for off-site disposition.

The EM mission at LANL is to clean up the site safely and to reduce risks to the public, workers and the environment associated with legacy material, facilities and waste sites. Since October 1, 1988, EM has funded the work performed to characterize and remediate contaminants in the environment; decontaminate, decommission and demolish (DD&D) process-contaminated facilities; and manage and dispose of legacy TRU waste.

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is the LANL property owner and landlord, and maintains site-wide infrastructure; while EM is a tenant on the LANL site. EM is responsible for cleaning up and remediating the effects from these historical operations as part of the legacy waste remediation. EM is not, however, responsible for the environmental effects or impacts of current LANL operations.

The EM program at LANL must comply with numerous regulatory requirements. Since 1989, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) has been the main regulatory driver to executing environmental cleanup (RCRA corrective actions) at LANL. In 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted primacy to the State of New Mexico for corrective actions. In March of 2005, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), New Mexico Attorney General, University of California, and DOE signed a Compliance Order on Consent (Consent Order) pursuant to the New Mexico Hazardous Waste Act (NMHWA). The 2005 Consent Order was a comprehensive and enforceable Order that is grounded in RCRA and set a completion date for the last scheduled deliverable of December 2015 that has subsequently been automatically been extended through (currently) 2019.

The purpose of the LLCC is to support EM-LA’s mission work. The LLCC encompasses ongoing legacy above ground stored TRU waste disposition activities, ground and surface water monitoring and protection programs, groundwater contaminant plume investigation and evaluation including for hexavalent chromium and high-explosive contamination, aggregate area investigations and remediation activities, and facility (DD&D) activities.

Reports to: Michael Lempke, President HII Nuclear
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Basic Position Experience Qualifications

  • Nuclear Site Management & Leadership in Executive Position – Accountability for Overall Performance
  • Executive Site Interface Management – both with Client (DOE), other prime contractors and corporate offices (including teaming partners)
  • Strong Safety and ISMS Performance Record
  • Strong Client/Customer/Stakeholder Interface – working experience with EPA, DOE, and NMED
  • 15-years’ experience with nuclear operations (prefer waste operations and experience in TRU waste would be beneficial). Strong nuclear technical competency.
  • Demonstrated responsibility and budget authority for $200 M / year budget
  • Experience managing a workforce of 500 or more
  • Experience managing subcontracts and other DOE prime contract interfaces
  • Nuclear (DOE) PM / Project Leadership experience
  • Relevant Education – BS in technical field with MS or MBA preferred
  • Q Clearance or ability to attain one

Basic Position Roles & Responsibilities

  • Functions as “Chief Executive” and customer advocate with single-point accountability to DOE and the LLC Board for total contract performance; drives corporate reach back and the infusion of best practices; instills an integrated safety and performance-based management culture across the site.
  • Maintains ultimate responsibility for LLC ethics compliance and executing contract requirements including maintaining a safe work environment, complying with regulatory requirements and legally binding agreements, and meeting schedule requirements; establishes the organizational structure to execute the work scope and assigns the principal staff to carry out responsibilities.
  • Maintains effective relationships with DOE, oversight organizations (e.g. DNFSB), regulators, labor groups, political leaders and stakeholder/community groups.
  • Directs all public affairs activities in accordance with SOW including meeting with DOE at local and HQ levels to support funding initiatives and keep communications channels open for effective site management according to DOE priorities.
  • Represents LLC for all matters involving other site prime contractors working at LANL.
  • Provides primary leadership and advocacy for LLC workforce; supports, recognizes, and rewards the accomplishments of the workforce and project delivery teams. Supports a SCWE program, and resolution of an employee’s concerns.
  • Directs all independent reviews including Internal Audit and operations assessments in accordance with the SOW.
  • Responsible for effective risk management and risk minimization and mitigation strategies for all areas of the SOW.
  • Responsible for development, implementation, and oversight of disciplined project management systems in accordance with DOE Order 413.3.

Personal Attributes

  • Demonstrates integrity, trust and respect for others.
  • Demonstrates respect for nuclear operations and for the risks involved with nuclear operations.
  • Learns exceptionally quickly; uses a “trust but verify” approach; readily draws upon the expertise of others.
  • Demonstrates the ability to create an inclusive environment
  • Applies sound commercial judgment across a broad spectrum of business matters.
  • Demonstrates political acuity; understands how government works; knows how to manage effective relationships with various provincial or federal government entities.
  • Communicates in a straightforward, understandable and highly effective manner, regardless of the setting.
  • Able to assess, attract, develop, inspire, lead, manage and maintain executive and management talent.
  • Demonstrates resilience and the capacity to adapt and respond to adversity.
  • Able to develop and communicate an inspiring vision and sound strategy, including communications strategy, in support of the vision.
  • Able to develop and nurture long term relationships with diverse groups, demonstrating an open, understanding, and patient style.
  • Able to function well in an environment that can at times be ambiguous, lacking in clarity, and pursing conflicting goals.

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