Providing Talent Solutions that will Ensure the Success of the Nuclear Promise Initiative

KeySource HCI is playing a major role in improving efficiency with performance-based outcomes in talent delivery.  We are committed to adapting our services to meet the demands of this promised nuclear future.

The U.S. nuclear energy industry is launching a multiyear initiative with a promise not only to continue to generate electricity safely and reliably but with the additional promise to do it economically with the goal of becoming competitive in electricity markets. It is an initiative that has targeted a 30% reduction in electric generating costs by January 2018. The initiative is called, “Delivering the Nuclear Promise:  Advancing Safety, Reliability and Economic Performance” (, and will be implemented in coordination with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO).  These three organizations will provide both governance and oversight.

While the initiative will most certainly require innovative solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency it will also require industry leadership; addressing an aging workforce demographic that is conservative and may challenge innovation; and recognition that new talent (millennials) have different attitudes and professional expectations. The upside to this as Gianna C. Clark states in her “Everyday Excellence Model” ( is that bringing in new talent, “creates the perfect opportunity to establish new cultural norms that continue to focus on safety and reliability but also embraces efficiency and simplicity as a way to get work done”.  The model also states, “The most critical (and often overlooked) element to sustained transformation is PEOPLE. “

The professionals at KeySource HCI understand the personnel issues facing the nuclear industry both from a company perspective and a candidate perspective. Our recruiting staff has industry relationships across the entire nuclear life-cycle.  They have supported companies trying to find talented, experienced individuals in a shrinking talent pool, as well as working with candidates navigating the uncertainty of a plant closure.

KeySource HCI’s Performance-Based search model supports components of the Nuclear Promise, embracing innovation, efficiency, and cost reduction. Early on Keith Wing, the founder of KeySouce HCI, recognized the high cost, one sided approach of traditional retained recruiting models.  He developed a new way of approaching retained search – one that allows the client to impact the ultimate cost and completion of the search.  The Performance-Based model commits to a not-to-exceed search budget and applies disciplined project management practices including the use of budgets, project schedules and performance metrics.  Our approach encourages open communications with client decision makers and delivers a cost at least 5 – 8% below the traditional search model.  For any given search, KeySource HCI shares the client’s risk and caps the search budget up front.

We understand that transforming the industry and successfully delivering on the nuclear promise is essential to maintaining nuclear energy’s viability as one of the leading low carbon power generation methods of producing electricity.   KeySource HCI commits to helping our clients and candidates succeed, providing “right fit” candidates that will lead their organizations in delivering the critical goals of the Nuclear Promise.