Consulting Solutions

KeySource, Inc. – KeySource, Inc. is engaged in consulting services to the nuclear, energy and defense industries with an emphasis on strategic business growth and organizational improvement. Services include strategic business planning; capture strategy for large-scale federal programs; merger and acquisition strategy; transition management; organizational and leadership assessment; and various performance assurance initiatives to meet business targets.

KeySource connects the critical bridge between strategic business growth and attracting top-level leadership talent. Business growth consulting links directly to strategic talent acquisition through KeySource Thomas Thor. Together these services enable the pursuit of sustainable business improvement and growth. Consulting services include

  • Strategic business planning
  • Joint venture, merger and acquisition support
  • Leadership & organizational assessments
  • Leadership team-building
  • Workforce transition programs
  • Executive coaching and talent development


Keith Wing

Keith’s career spans more than 37 years in nuclear, energy and defense services.  Keith served in senior executive management roles before co-founding the KeySource companies in 2001.  As a business strategist, Keith emphasizes the importance of top talent in the development and implementation of innovative business growth strategies.Phone: (330) 310-2822